Form and Freedom - Expressing Who You Are!

Blessings to everyBody as we step into our 4th of July celebration weekend!! Join me in Nia as we play with Form and Freedom, celebrating our uniqueness and freely expressing who we are! So what is Form and Freedom in Nia? Think of Form as the katas (movement sequences), the 9 Movement forms of Nia (Martial Arts, Dance Arts, Healing Arts), Nia 52 moves, 7 cycles of Nia, and even the music (sounds, silence, rhythm, melody, harmony). Freedom is how YOU uniquely dance and express within Nia's form, connecting to Your Body's Way (YBW), Your Spirit's Way (YSW), and Your Emotional Range of Motion (YEROM)! This is when the fireworks go off!!! We use form to find freedom and we use freedom to t

Heart Energy Your Way!

Good morning Friends!! Please receive my heart energy of love today and everyday. This past weekend we had a heart filled weekend with Nia teachers and students dancing and learning together the new Nia routine called Pulse. It is a FUNtastic routine and focuses on the energy sensations of the 9 movement forms of Nia. Martial Arts: Tai Chi…Slow dance Tae Kwo…Dance of precision Aikido…Dance of harmonious spherical motion Dance Arts: Jazz…Dance of fun, showmanship and expression Modern Dance…Dance of shapes in space Duncan Dance…Dance of free-spirited honest movement Healing Arts: Work of Moshe Feldenkrais… Dance of conscious awareness of sensation Alexander Technique…Dance of movement from

Path of the Sacred Athlete!

"A Sacred Athlete is a teacher and healer to everyBody, and makes choices from love and pleasure. This is the path to transformation and self-mastery." (Nia White Belt Learn Book) Nia White is the path to self-mastery designed to get you into your body, and use your body and movement to maximize the business of your body and all aspects of your life. The Nia White belt intensive gifts you with tools for managing stress, enhancing your relationships, improving productivity, and creating a life balance, as you explore techniques using your body, voice, intent, mind, emotions and unique spirit to master getting into and living in your body. It is also the 1st step into teaching Nia if that i

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