Moving with grace, power and ease. 13 joint Dance of Aliveness!

Have you ever noticed the grace, power and ease of movement by certain athletes, dancers and Nia teachers? This comes from our joints, which are meant to open and close to move our body systemically with grace, power and ease. We have hundreds of joints in our body and in Nia, we activate all of our joints through 13 main joints. These 13 joints are ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and our spine as one BIG joint. Close your eyes and sense these 13 joints. What do you sense? Any stiffness, pain, pleasure? Please do a Dance of Aliveness with me by circling, rotating, pointing, flexing, bending and undulating all these joints. Now close your eyes and what do you sense? Do you

SMILE – EveryBody is a Fiesta!

YAY! It’s happening – Fiesta in our lovely city!!! Party, celebration, and lots of Smiles! And speaking of Smiles.... This week in my Nia classes we will play with Nia White Belt principle #7, 3 Planes and 3 Intensity Levels. I love this principle! It liberates me and allows me to personalize my workout for MY needs, MY goals, and MY desires. 3 planes refer to distinct measurement points in relationship to our Hara (the body’s energy center located 2 inches below the navel), called Low, Middle and High. 3 Intensity levels refer to levels of exertion and range of motion, called 1, 2 and 3. Through these sensations I can make choices and decisions to reach my potential. Sensing com

Sensing You Shoulder Blades - Wings of Freedom!

"Your wings exist, all you have to do is fly!" (from Isn’t the image of wings on you back beautiful?!! We do have wings, our shoulder blades, our scapula, and they are there for us to fly and reach our potential!! Scapula, which means blade in Latin, are 2 flat triangular bones at the back of our body that lie over the posterior surface of our rib cage. I love the sensation of my shoulder blades as they slide and glide, and wing out, as I my move my arms up and down and around. Do this with me: Place your arms to the side of your body, palms facing out, and raise your arms up towards the sky. Did you sense how your shoulder blades "wing" out? Now rotate your palms down an

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