You're Only as Young As Your Spine is Flexible!

Hello Friends!! Yes, I believe I am as young as my spine is flexible, and I feel ageless!! I love the fact that my brain is stimulated by moving my spine since I move my spine in different ways all day long! Our spine is a beautiful work of art within our body. Our spine is Flexible, Agile, Mobile, Strong and Stable, and in Nia we use these 5 fitness sensations (we call them FAMSS) to condition our spine. Your spine, which is made up of 26 vertebrate that allow for multidimensional movement, loves to bend, vibrate, undulate, rotate, flex, stretch, to stabilize and most importantly, your spine loves joyful movement!! When your spine is healthy, your torso is healthy, helping to keep your

Radiant Core - Are You Ready to Belly Dance!!

Hello Friends! I have to admit I’m a bit nervous sharing this picture with you. I found a similar picture when I goggled, and decided I should use my own. It has taken me YEARS to be comfortable with my belly – so here she is!!! Radiant Core…Radiant Belly! Nia has helped me create a better relationship with my belly, and now I can truthfully say I love my belly. AHHH! Now lets all do a great big BELLY LAUGH – HA HA HO HO HEE HEE - a great way to condition your belly. This week we will Dance Our Belly (and of course laugh) in order to condition our whole abdominal area: the front, sides and back, from the top of our waist all the way to the bottom of our pelvis. When you belly dance y

Spring Forward - Leap Forward -

Hello Friends! Spring is definitely here!! Flowers blooming, birds singing and yes the beautiful rain! Spring forward, leap forward with me in class as we focus on our feet!! Physically sense your feet as your direct connection to the earth - your hands that touch the earth. This is your stability, your power, where balance in your whole body begins, allowing you to safely walk, run, jump and leap forward in life! Emotionally sense your feet standing and stepping firmly as you say YES to who you are! Let your feet express love, confidence and joy as you dance through life…as you spring forward with trust. Mentally sense and imagine your feet 50 times their size, helping you to ground and

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