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Hi Friends!! As many of you know, I am back from a week with Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia, and my fellow Nia Trainers in Portland, home of Nia International!! I am inspired by these amazing beings of light and energy, who are all dedicated to Nia, to their own body and life, and to YOU! We are all taking Nia to a higher vibration and I invite you to vibrate with us! One of the ways you can vibrate is to Like our Nia San Antonio Global Community page on Facebook (click on the page name). Here you can easily find out what is happening around our city, as well as share with the community. Your Nia story is the best way to inspire others. What is your definition of POWER? I have been as


75 trillion cells in your body…Play with them all!!! Hello Friends and Happy 2016! This morning I stepped into my home studio, put on music and started to move and play. As I played, my movement and dance became an artful experience, where one move flowed to the next. I discovered new and fun ways to practice, and my Nia and yoga became a playful experience where everything became effortless! I want to fill my 2016 with this spirit! Playing is so good for our brain, our nervous system, our emotions and our general well-being. Play refreshes our body, sharpens our mind, and restores our energy. Play is a creative act that inspires imagination and gives us a means to reach beyond our usual lim

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