JOY in Our Hearts!!!

"Let's celebrate peace, let's celebrate love. Let's celebrate light that shines, shines, shines. Let's celebrate faith, lets celebrate hope. Let's celebrate joy, joy in our hearts." From "Joy in Our Hearts" by Karen Drucker and J.D. Martin Blessing Dear Friends! Such a beautiful and uplifting song, "Joy in Our Hearts". The song celebrates and invites us to be in the sensation of JOY in times of darkness, in the silence, in every moment, and to come together in gratitude. Joy is an energy we can tap into anytime no matter what is going on in our world. Nia's 1st principle of the white belt is Joy of Movement and it teaches us to connect to Joy by choosing sensation through all movement. No

Dance of Blending

Hello Dancing Friends! Blending: To create an harmonious effect or result. Inside, Outside, Universally. This busy time of year is great for the practice of the art of Blending to create harmony inside and outside of me, and Universally. My triad for Blending is Harmony/Healing/Happiness and as you Dance Through Life, I invite you to use this blending triad on the dance floor, in your car, in the store, with your family, friends and co-workers. Everywhere - connecting to the sensation of Blending! In class we will use form and freedom as we blend one movement to the other, one body part to another, harmonizing circular and linear movements, big and small movements, as well as blen

Spiritual High - Blissful and Grounded!

Hello my dancing friends. Yesterday the Nia routine Spiritual High called me as I stepped into my home studio and into my own Nia practice. Spiritual HIgh is a routine created in 1995 by Nia co-founder Carlos Aya Rosas. I love being a student, and when I release from being a teacher and receive with purity and a beginners mind, I leave the space for continued healing and transformation. Each time I am a student, I receive a gift. Maybe I’ve received the gift before, yet due to where I am in my journey, it is new and takes on a different sensation in my body. This keeps me coming back again, and again and again! Carlos called Spiritual High a place where you feel blissful inside and groun

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