Living Meditation!

Hello my Dancing Friends! I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving week. Yesterday as we stepped out of Nia class, I invited my students to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive everyday. I offer this invitation to you and if you do not have a gratitude practice, see what if feels like to start one today!!! One THANK YOU as you wake up and another when you go to bed. It will change your life!! I also invite you to be kind and gentle to yourself as we step into what can be a hectic time of the year. Take time without taking time out of you day to be in a practice in Nia we call Living Meditation (LM). LM is the art of “non-doing”, stopping, and noticing the stillness in your bod

Moving Your Body to Heal - Thank you Body!

Hello, Friends! This past weekend I was blessed to be part of a new Nia training called Moving to Heal. Nia Moving to Heal is founded on the art of movement and the philosophy of The Body's Way, where Nia teachers learn techniques to adapt Nia therapeutically and to successfully engage people using Nia movement and Dancing Through Life principles to feel better. It was amazing and we now have 15 Nia Moving To Heal teachers in San Antonio! I am excited about the potential and possibilities to bring the gift of dance and healing to everyBody! “Dance is the Joy of Movement and the ultimate expression of gratitude to your body!” — Joanie Brooks "Thank you body!!" These 3 words are so powerfu

Kritajna Hum - I am gratitude!

"The road to happiness starts with a deep breath and an awareness of the many blessings tied to that single breath." — Richelle E. Goodrich Hello Friends! I love this time of the year in my beautiful city of San Antonio! The weather is cool and crisp, and there is a sense of change in the air. It is also a time of year where the practice of "Gratitude" is present everywhere, and WOW the ripple effects this has on our world. So let's make this practice a daily occurrence and change the world! One of the easiest ways to incorporate gratitude into your life is upon awakening, give yourself a big hug and thank your body for all he/she has done for you. Then activate movement through your 13

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